ellen degeneres

  • Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston's Powerful Message to Tabloids MP3

    The actress discussed the passionate piece she wrote addressing gossip publications, her motivation behind it, and her inspiring message.

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  • Ellen Meets an Unforgettable Kid Surfer

    Ellen Meets an Unforgettable Kid Surfer MP3

    After seeing her vibrant interview online, Ellen brought Australian kid surfer Sabre and her unrivaled excitement to the show!

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  • Ellen and Pharrell Discuss the Importance of Love and Acceptance

    Ellen and Pharrell Discuss the Importance of Love and Acceptance MP3

    Ellen and the extraordinary Pharrell Williams spoke about the importance of inclusion, and the values that make a world of difference.

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  • Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama Go to CVS

    Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama Go to CVS MP3

    To help prepare the First Lady for life after the White House, Ellen took her to CVS Pharmacy to pick up a few things.

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  • Jimmy Fallon Catches Up with Ellen

    Jimmy Fallon Catches Up with Ellen MP3

    The "Tonight Show" host joined Ellen to talk about everything from his upcoming Golden Globes gig to his very own theme park ride.

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  • Ellen DeGeneres Medal of Freedom Award 11-22-16

    Ellen DeGeneres Medal of Freedom Award 11-22-16 MP3

    Ellen DeGeneres receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama.

    Tags: Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen Show, President Obama, CSPAN, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo

  • Ellen and Britney Spears

    Ellen and Britney Spears' Mall Mischief MP3

    What happens when Ellen and the music icon go to the mall? Shenanigans, and ice cream, of course!

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  • Ryan Gosling Gushes About His Girls

    Ryan Gosling Gushes About His Girls MP3

    After sweeping Ellen off her feet, gorgeous daddy Gosling chatted with her about Eva Mendes and their two adorable daughters.

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  • 'The Game of THINGS' with Miley Cyrus, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg MP3

    What happened when Ellen invited a music superstar, a domestic goddess, and a rap legend to join her for a game? Watch to find out!

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  • Justin Timberlake

    Justin Timberlake 'Can't Stop the Feeling' with Ellen! MP3

    The multi-talented Mr. Timberlake caught up with Ellen and had a friendly debate about his accurate song lyrics. Watch Ellen and Justin's game of 5 Second ...

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  • Hillary Clinton Plays Who

    Hillary Clinton Plays Who'd You Rather? MP3

    The presidential candidate is in the market for a running mate, and Ellen is happy to help!

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  • Ellen and Andy Feel the Need for Speed

    Ellen and Andy Feel the Need for Speed MP3

    Ellen took her Executive Producer Andy to experience some excitement behind the wheel at the Porsche Experience Center! Vroom vrooooooom!

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  • Never Have I Ever with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick

    Never Have I Ever with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick MP3

    Ellen was joined by the diverse trio of stars for a surprising game of "Never Have I Ever"!

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  • Ellen on What Makes America Great

    Ellen on What Makes America Great MP3

    With the election behind us, Ellen discussed what makes us stronger, and the importance of getting along.

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  • Kristen Stewart Opens Up to Ellen

    Kristen Stewart Opens Up to Ellen MP3

    The actress discussed life in the spotlight, and her significant French honor.

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  • Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber's Exciting Announcement MP3

    During his 26th appearance on Ellen's show, Justin discussed life on tour, dating, and he shared a big announcement! Watch his exclusive performance here: ...

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  • Ellen Meets Two Inspiring Blind Brothers

    Ellen Meets Two Inspiring Blind Brothers MP3

    Bradford and Bryan are two incredible siblings who were diagnosed with a type of macular degeneration that causes blindness over time, and decided to use ...

    Tags: inspire, blind, blindness, brother, diagnosis, charity, blind brother, wow, amazing, incredible, story, clothes, shirt

  • Will Smith

    Will Smith's Wild New Neighbors MP3

    The actor and star of "Collateral Beauty" caught up with Ellen on his neighborhood's roaring new additions!

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  • Ellen DeGeneres Boots Guest From Her Show After Homophobic Remarks

    Ellen DeGeneres Boots Guest From Her Show After Homophobic Remarks MP3

    Ellen DeGeneres pulls gospel singer Kim Burrell from being a guest on her show after a video airs of her preaching an anti-homosexual sermon. Sam. Grace ...

    Tags: pop trigger, the young turks, Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Burrell, Pharrell Williams, LGBT community, sermon, Hidden Figures, homosexual spirit, perverted, I See Victory, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Brett Erlich, Samantha Schacher, Grace Baldridge, hate speech, racism, sexism

  • Mark Wahlberg

    Mark Wahlberg's Mysterious Dinner Guest MP3

    The handsome "Patriots Day" star dropped a few hints about a certain Canadian cutie who spent an evening with his family.

    Tags: marc, walberg, new years eve, lip synch, interview, patriots day, new, boston, marathon, tragedy, loss

  • Ellen

    Ellen's Best of 2016 MP3

    We're looking back at our most memorable moments of 2016!

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  • Ellen DeGeneres Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Her Late Friend Carrie Fisher - Watch!

    Ellen DeGeneres Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Her Late Friend Carrie Fisher - Watch! MP3

    More from Entertainment Tonight: http://bit.ly/1xTQtvw Ellen looked back on her friendship with Carrie Fisher on Wednesday's episode of 'The Ellen DeGeneres ...

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  • Ellen Meets the School Bus Driver Who Saved 20 Kids

    Ellen Meets the School Bus Driver Who Saved 20 Kids' Lives MP3

    After Renita's school bus burst into flames, she courageously saved the lives of all the children on board. Hear all of Renita's heroic story!

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  • Ricky Martin Is Engaged!

    Ricky Martin Is Engaged! MP3

    The music star told Ellen all of the romantic details of his recent engagement!

    Tags: ricky martin interview, interview, rickie, rickey, engagement, marriage, exciting, wow, romance, love, love is love, ricky martin engagement

  • Khloé Kardashian Discusses Details of Kim Kardashian West

    Khloé Kardashian Discusses Details of Kim Kardashian West's Experience in Paris MP3

    Khloé gave Ellen an update on the events that took place during Kim's trip, and explained all of the details behind brother Rob and Blac Chyna's baby shower ...

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  • 'Strange Doctor' Starring Ellen and Justin Timberlake MP3

    Inspired by Dr. Strange in no way at all, Ellen debuted the trailer for her new film, co-starring Justin Timberlake. The doctor will see you now!

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  • Dev Patel Is 2017

    Dev Patel Is 2017's Sexiest Man Alive! MP3

    The Golden Globe-nominated star of "Lion" told Ellen about his moving new film, and received a recommendation for his next role… Sexiest Man Alive!

    Tags: dev patal, india, trip, true story, family, golden globes, sexy, interview, funny, awkward, hollywood

  • Kevin Hart Co-Hosts with Ellen!

    Kevin Hart Co-Hosts with Ellen! MP3

    Ellen invited the hilarious Kevin Hart to be her co-host for the day. The pair wore sharp outfits, showed off their dance moves, and of course, brought the laughs!

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  • First Male CoverGirl James Charles Meets Ellen

    First Male CoverGirl James Charles Meets Ellen MP3

    After catching the public eye with his stunning Instagram photos, 17-year-old James became the first male CoverGirl. Watch him join fellow CoverGirl Ellen for ...

    Tags: male covergirl, covergirl, male, first, james, james charles, charles, instagram, viral, viral photo, photo, graduation photo, viral graduation, makeup, accepting, open, gay, social media, bullying, strong, inspiring, amazing, express, glam, confident, katy perry, surprise, covergirl lash campaign, lights, first time, cover girl, cover guy, cover boy